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Camera systems for forklift applications

Forklift and forklift truck working environments can get very hectic. Today’s lifts extend higher, making it more difficult for the driver to see the position of the forks. And maneuvering between racks while moving pallets from place to place can prove challenging. Orlaco can help. Orlaco produces a line of vision systems for forklifts and forklift trucks. These cameras give the drivers a reliable, crystal-clear image of the forks and their surroundings. From up high to down low; the position of the forks, the load, and the surroundings. A better view increases the driver’s awareness, improves safety and reduces risks. An ideal solution for a more productive day on the job.

Rear View

Our Rear View systems designed by Orlaco are made for your forklift. It accesses a direct view from behind so that you can gain a better overall visibility of what is behind you.

Moreover, the system allows you to see the working area on your rear of the truck. This allows drivers to safely manoeuvre their way when reversing.

In this, you avoid damage as you can say any structure or object which is in your way.

Rear View systems are also beneficial in that it protects drivers from hurting themselves and their colleagues. Damages will be mitigated in terms of the forklift themselves and the warehouse.

Moreover, the monitor will switch to a Rear View automatically when the driver puts the forklift into reverse.

This means that you can use both the Rear View system and Front View system in conjunction.

Both have their advantages and if you want more information on our Front View camera systems be sure to visit the product page.

The Rear View systems has the option to be used in either a continuous or a manual operation.

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Our goal is to provide you with the quality systems which will make a difference in your day to day and long term achievements.

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