Heavy Equipment



Micron MHE Orlaco is a leading supplier of a complete range of specialised camera systems for heavy equipment and forklifts across several industries in South Africa.

Through extensive experience and beneficial partnerships with world leading producer, Orlaco, we bring you solutions that take advantage of the latest technological developments to enhance safety and efficiency in your business.

Included in these offers are cutting-edge camera systems for heavy equipment and forklifts, that ensure your facility is outfitted with the ideal solution for its needs and applications.


We offer a full range of specialised offers on heavy machinery operator camera systems that have been developed to enhance the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your applications, while simultaneously working to lower ownership costs of heavy equipment, by reducing the risk of accidents.

These offers include a diverse range of solutions including RadarEye, rear view, tool view, side view, front view, surround view, and cross view Heavy Machinery Operator Camera Systems.

Stoneridge-Orlaco’s camera monitor solutions will help to improve operational efficiency and safety by reducing operational blind spots and increasing vision around the vehicle, with solutions that are not only affordable, but robust enough to serve your needs continually.


If you are in need of a Heavy Equipment RadarEye we provide only the best. The state of the art design ensures that you can protect your staff members and assets from being damaged.


Rear View


You no longer have to worry about dangerous reversing when using the Heavy Equipment Rear View system. The Orlaco designed system ensures that you are always working with safety.


Tool View


Your all new Heavy Equipment Tool View system is ready and waiting. We offer you the latest technology for heavy equipment camera systems.


Side View


Manoeuvring and turning just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Heavy Equipment Side View system. The product has been expertly designed in order to give your driver the opportunity to see what is going on beside them.


Front View


Your Heavy Equipment Front View camera system will ensure that your driver can see their entire front side view. Moreover, it allows them to position themselves correctly as they know where the machine is heading.


Surround View


Drivers of heavy machinery are often faced with several blind spots that obstruct their view. The Heavy Equipment Surround View system provides drivers with a complete 360° overview of the vehicle with no delays.


Cross view

Camera Systems for earthmoving, mining and agricultural machines
Shovels, excavators, dump trucks and agricultural machines are examples of complex machines that require clear vision which allows the operation to progress smoothly and safely.


If you would like to know more about our complete offers on camera systems for Earthmoving, Mining and Agriculture Machines, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Micron MHE Orlaco today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for further information.



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