Heavy Equipment RadarEye


Camera Systems for earthmoving, mining and agricultural machines

Shovels, excavators, dump trucks and agricultural machines are examples of complex machines that require clear vision which allows the operation to progress smoothly and safely. Machines are increasingly becoming further advanced with elevated demands on efficiency and output. Still, it is people that are required to handle this equipment correctly. Operators have minimal vision around the vehicle. It is essential to solve large blind spots in a professional matter. This is where Stoneridge-Orlaco’s camera monitor solutions will help to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Heavy Equipment RadarEye

If you are in need of a Heavy Equipment RadarEye we provide only the best. The state of the art design ensures that you can protect your staff members and assets from being damaged.

This comes in the form of sensors which can be located around your entire earthmoving machine. The system can be applied to a number of vehicles and machinery including heavy equipment, commercial vehicles and industrial trucks.

It can also be added to other applications where needed.

The Heavy Equipment RadarEye offers your business assurance. This assurance comes from the fact that the active detection system can spot objects or people who are in too close proximity to the vehicle.

As such, it also ensures that the detection of objects and individuals occurs before an accident can take place. You will hear a beeping sound thanks to the Short-Range Detection (SRD) sensors.

Moreover, the system allows you to act in an effective manner as the acoustic and visual signals work together. The alarm tone frequency and visual indicators work simultaneously to notify drivers of their position.

When you are in close proximity to something it can lead to more damages than you need. As such, the Heavy Equipment RadarEye will work alongside your camera system whether it be Front View, Rear View or both.

Allow your drivers to assess situations better and prevent accidents from occurring with the Heavy Equipment RadarEye and monitor included.

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