Mid Mast View


Camera systems for forklift applications

Forklift and forklift truck working environments can get very hectic. Today’s lifts extend higher, making it more difficult for the driver to see the position of the forks. And maneuvering between racks while moving pallets from place to place can prove challenging. Orlaco can help. Orlaco produces a line of vision systems for forklifts and forklift trucks. These cameras give the drivers a reliable, crystal-clear image of the forks and their surroundings. From up high to down low; the position of the forks, the load, and the surroundings. A better view increases the driver’s awareness, improves safety and reduces risks. An ideal solution for a more productive day on the job.


Be sure to grab one of your Mid-mast-view systems today. The camera is placed on the mast crossbeam within the innermost mast section and allows drivers to see more all in the comfort of their driver seat.

Moreover, the system is made for drivers who want to position themselves and the truck correctly. With the ability to do so and in an optimal fashion drivers can now see what they are doing after free lift of the machine.

The Mid-mast-view systems can “look” underneath the forks. What this means is that the driver will have a great view of the beams as they put the pallet down.

This makes it more convenient for the driver and on top of this, the safety of the entire process improves.

Where the Mid-mast-view system can be used for other types of forklift equipment it is most beneficial in use for reach trucks.

Browse through our website for more options on forklift camera systems. Alternatively you can contact us for more information on our Orlaco camera systems and our business.

Ensure both your forklift operations and driver ability is enhanced with your all new Mid-mast-view system.

Direct View

Your Mid-mast-view system will allow you to access direct view. This viewpoint ensures you have constant visibility on your forks or front-end attachment.

Moreover, you have the ability to see what you are doing once the free lift of the stage has been completed.

Another great benefit is that you will have the ability to see over the load. It assures you that you can put it down or pick it up with precision and with only one attempt.

Direct view decreases the amount of time processes take and provides you with an avoidance of damage with an increase in both safety and efficiency.


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