Increased safety with forklift camera systems


Increased safety with forklift camera systems

According to studies, forklifts are often the leading causes of fatal accidents in the workplace. It is estimated that a third of forklift accidents involve a collision. Accidents may occur due to poor visibility. In addition to blind spots, the front view is completely blocked when the forklift carries a load. When the fork carriage is at eye level, the operator is basically working blind. In addition to collisions, industrial accidents involving forklifts may be the result of a load falling onto someone, or even individuals being pinned between the forklift and the wall. Forklift drivers need to focus several things at the same time, which increases the likelihood of an accident.

In warehouses where several forklifts operate, limited visibility should be taken into consideration. Analogue solutions to blind spot elimination include the buddy system, safety mirrors, and pedestrian safety lights.

The buddy system requires increased staff. And do you have a dedicated buddy for each forklift? Do they have any responsibilities aside from checking clearance? Do they need specific training or qualification?

Safety mirrors still only show one blind spot. The forklift operator needs to consider what’s in the blind spot on the other side, in front and at the rear.

Pedestrian safety lights may have an energy cost and would offer not assistance in the event of a power failure.

Forklift camera systems will enable your operators to work faster and safer, since there’s no need to constantly stop and check for obstacles.

Forklift camera systems offer improved visibility

Orlaco has developed a variety of forklift camera systems that improve visibility around reach trucks, counterbalance trucks, side loaders, and narrow-aisle trucks. A front-view camera provides the driver with a direct view of the floor in front of the truck to identify possible obstacles.

An Orlaco rear-view camera provides the driver with a better view of the working area behind the forklift, allowing safe movement when reversing. The forklift camera system’s monitor in the cab automatically switches to the rear view when reverse gear is engaged. The high-resolution footage on the display is clear and the operator can see exactly what is around the forklift.

Forklift camera systems results in improved posture

A comprehensive forklift camera system has a camera positioned between the forks and moves with the forks. Another camera should provide a view of the load from above. This means the forklift operator no longer needs to stretch out of the cabin to see the forks.

The right forklift camera system for you

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