Improved road safety with truck cameras

It has been reported that a significant number of truckers drive with incorrectly adjusted mirrors and that some may not know how to improve the adjustment themselves. This poses a substantial risk to both the drivers themselves and other road users. Many drivers can’t see all of the compulsory fields of vision in their mirrors e.g., the front wheels may not be visible, or the rear axle of the tractor can’t be seen.

The reason for this may be the assumption that after the manufacturers check that the mirrors are well aligned, dealers don’t make any adjustments, so the transport company trusts they are properly fitted. Only a few drivers ever check mirror alignment and not everyone knows how to do a mirror adjustment.

Orlaco’s heavy equipment camera monitor systems provide truck drivers with a visibility solution to improve road safety.

Truck camera solutions

Orlaco’s heavy equipment camera systems are designed to ensure that you can protect your staff members and assets from being damaged. Sensors are located around the truck and offers you the assurance that the driver can spot objects or people who are in too close proximity to the vehicle, reducing the risk of potential accidents.

Heavy equipment cameras allow your drivers to assess situations better and prevent accidents from occurring.

Most accidents involving heavy equipment vehicles result from manoeuvring the truck on site. Having heavy equipment cameras fitted to these trucks is essential to make up for any blind spots that result from incorrectly aligned mirrors.

Mirrors are essential to safe operation of trucks. However, considering the lack of knowledge when it comes to adjusting them correctly, truck cameras can provide supplemental views to ensure the safety of both truck drivers and other road users.

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