Heavy Equipment Side View


Camera Systems for earthmoving, mining and agricultural machines

Shovels, excavators, dump trucks and agricultural machines are examples of complex machines that require clear vision which allows the operation to progress smoothly and safely. Machines are increasingly becoming further advanced with elevated demands on efficiency and output. Still, it is people that are required to handle this equipment correctly. Operators have minimal vision around the vehicle. It is essential to solve large blind spots in a professional matter. This is where Stoneridge-Orlaco’s camera monitor solutions will help to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Heavy Equipment Side View

Manoeuvring and turning just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Heavy Equipment Side View system. The product has been expertly designed in order to give your driver the opportunity to see what is going on beside them.

This has ensured businesses that drivers can move through tight spaces in the most effective way. Moreover, it has allowed drivers to spot potential risks such as objects or individuals who are in the space.

Safety is of utmost importance and as such the Heavy Equipment Side View system looks to mitigate risk. Damages and loss to life can occur especially when drivers cannot see in their blind spot.

Allow us to provide you with a system that gives a driver more vision to the side of their machine.

With the area immediately next the machine more visible the driver will know where and how they can move.

The camera system also acts as a way to ensure drivers are more comfortable. Moreover, the Heavy Equipment Side View system aims to ensure that productivity is high with a boost in performance thanks to a decrease in any wasted time.

Furthermore, the optimisation of the camera for vision with the monitor system can be combine with the Rear View camera system.

This makes it easy to spot potential danger from the back. On top of this, reversing a heavy machine can also be risky and as such the Heavy Equipment Side View system will allow the driver to move through the space with vision both from the sides and from the back.

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