Heavy Equipment Rear View


Camera Systems for earthmoving, mining and agricultural machines

Shovels, excavators, dump trucks and agricultural machines are examples of complex machines that require clear vision which allows the operation to progress smoothly and safely. Machines are increasingly becoming further advanced with elevated demands on efficiency and output. Still, it is people that are required to handle this equipment correctly. Operators have minimal vision around the vehicle. It is essential to solve large blind spots in a professional matter. This is where Stoneridge-Orlaco’s camera monitor solutions will help to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Heavy Equipment Rear View

You no longer have to worry about dangerous reversing when using the Heavy Equipment Rear View system. The Orlaco designed system ensures that you are always working with safety.

Moreover, it allows you to gain an improved view of your working area with a camera attached to the machine. When you drive with vision, thanks to the monitor, you can spot both objects and indi-viduals that could be behind you.

This saves the equipment from being damaged, including assets that could be in the way, as well as life.

Safety is important and the Heavy Equipment Rear View system ensures that the driver can get the job done while mitigating risk.

The innovative technology is a great advantage as the monitor will automatically switch to rear view when the vehicle goes into reverse gear.

As such, you can use the Heavy Equipment Rear View system in tandem with the Front View system.

This benefits you greatly as it allows you to operate with a consistent flow. Orlaco Heavy Equip-ment Rear View systems are made for a variety of equipment such as earthmoving, mining and agricultural machinery.

Browse through our range of products today and find the systems which you require. Allow us to provide you with effective technology that makes a difference in performance.

You will benefit in terms of optimisation as your productivity begins to improve almost instantly.

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