Heavy Equipment Front View


Camera Systems for earthmoving, mining and agricultural machines

Shovels, excavators, dump trucks and agricultural machines are examples of complex machines that require clear vision which allows the operation to progress smoothly and safely. Machines are increasingly becoming further advanced with elevated demands on efficiency and output. Still, it is people that are required to handle this equipment correctly. Operators have minimal vision around the vehicle. It is essential to solve large blind spots in a professional matter. This is where Stoneridge-Orlaco’s camera monitor solutions will help to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Heavy Equipment Front View

Your Heavy Equipment Front View camera system will ensure that your driver can see their entire front side view. Moreover, it allows them to position themselves correctly as they know where the machine is heading.

If your business requires better vision the system will assist you to use your heavy equipment far more effectively. It ensures that productivity is maintained and performance is boosted.

This is down to the Heavy Equipment Front View system being able to see further than any objects that may be in front of you so that you can plan better.

For example, a bucket on a wheel loader will block a drivers view. As such, the camera and monitor combination will guarantee that the individual can see what they are doing and where they are going.

The system also ensures that damage and danger is mitigated. Objects or people that might be in the way can be seen instantly and when combined with other types of sensors such as our range of Orlaco Heavy Equipment RadarEye will ensure you don’t bump into anything.

The Heavy Equipment Front View system opens up a wide view of your machines’s surroundings. Likewise, it allows for drivers to work effectively and with much more precision.

Things such as time wasting or issues in damaging accessories or other mechanisms will stop. In this, you end up saving more money in the long run.

Browse through our available heavy equipment camera systems and ensure that safety and efficiency is your main focus. Allow us to find success in your industry today with your new Heavy Equipment Front View system.

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