Fork View


Camera systems for forklift applications

Forklift and forklift truck working environments can get very hectic. Today’s lifts extend higher, making it more difficult for the driver to see the position of the forks. And maneuvering between racks while moving pallets from place to place can prove challenging. Orlaco can help. Orlaco produces a line of vision systems for forklifts and forklift trucks. These cameras give the drivers a reliable, crystal-clear image of the forks and their surroundings. From up high to down low; the position of the forks, the load, and the surroundings. A better view increases the driver’s awareness, improves safety and reduces risks. An ideal solution for a more productive day on the job.

Fork View

Our Fork View systems are designed to provide drivers the ability to easily see what they are do-ing. It increases the safety of operations and also allows for the entire process to run smoothly.

Fork View is mounted on the inside of the fork itself. The unique design allows for convenient placement backed by a rugged body. This guarantees that the Fork View systems remains dam-age free when loading and unloading pallets.

Browse through the product today and assure your staff that higher productivity and overall safety is maintained.

The apparatus allows the driver to have a clear view both on the left and right hand side of the forks. It also acts as a way for individuals to monitor what they are doing when driving and operat-ing the forklift.

Furthermore, the Fork View system acts as a way to indicate whether the fork is being positioned correctly or not.

With this, you will know that the forks are inserted into the pallet openings correctly.

Fork View systems are perfect in use for reach trucks and side loaders.

Make Material Handling Efficient

It is a known fact that Fork View systems will make the handling of materials much more effective. On top of this, the robust nature of the system acts as a reliable way to guarantee products are transported in a fast manner with a reduction of risk.

Moreover, the compact size and durable outer shell guarantees the system is ready for any bumps it might take.

With a perfect view of what you are doing thanks to the monitor you will have the support needed to make better decisions when loading and unloading.

Time is reduced and your performance will be enhanced.

Be sure to optimise yourself today with our range of Orlaco Fork View systems.


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