Wherever forklifts are used in facilities, there is a concern for safety that operators and managers should be aware of, particularly where limited visibility and fork-truck blind-spots are concerned. Limited visibility is a leading cause of forklift accidents, and when these occur, the consequences can be damaging, deadly, or costly. For this reason, many facilities opt to use forklift camera vision systems that enhance visibility for their operators, thereby leading to improved safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Here are some of the most popular options for improving visibility on forklifts:

Fork View & Fork-on-View Cameras

Placed on, under, or inside the fork respectively, these cameras provide an opening angle of 51 degrees, which provides drivers with a clearer view of both the left and right side of the forks during loading. This allows the driver to see if the fork is appropriately positioned, at a glance.

View-on-fork cameras also provide drivers with better visibility of attachments on forks so that they can be properly positioned.

Mid-Mast View Cameras

These cameras are mounted on the mast crossbeam, allowing the driver to position the truck using a view of the forks after lifting. The camera thusly provides a clear view of beneath the fork for easier unloading, making these cameras ideal for reach trucks.

Front & Rear-View Cameras

Front and rear-view cameras provide a better view of the working area the truck is operating in, allowing for improved safety when moving forward or reversing. They provide a better view of potential obstacles and dead spots, making it easier to avoid damages.

RadarEye Systems

RadarEye cameras assist with reversing by providing visuals of the area behind the truck, while also sounding an alarm to warn when the operator is about to get into a hazardous situation. This greatly improves safety and efficiency, by letting drivers work with more confidence.

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