Micron MHE Orlaco has been involved in the engineering and materials handling industries for an exceptionally long time, and this experience has gained us a number of invaluable and unique insights across multiple facilities.

This is where the power behind our offers and services come from, since our intimate involvement across several sectors has seen us solve a multitude of different problems, for facilities of all shapes and sizes.

Our understanding of heavy equipment and forklift trucks stems from a wide spectrum of specialised offerings, as well as local and global partnerships in our industry. We have spent countless hours developing solutions that are based on the particular needs of very different sets of clients, which has enabled us to garner a wealth of information, insights, and solutions that meet the needs of many different commercial and industrial facilities across South Africa.


We offer this wealth of information, built up over years of service and product excellence, to help our customers, partners, and stakeholders to make more informed decisions when sourcing accessories and utilities for their machinery.

Whether your operations deal with underground mining and earthmoving, agriculture, or warehousing, we impart insights on to you that help you bolster the effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and value of your offerings, and allow you to make the most informed decisions possible when sourcing camera systems from us or improving the way you use and take care of the ones you already have.

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